25th International Youth Band Festival

25th International Youth Band Festival

25ο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Νεανικών Ορχηστρών

28-31 August 2024

The International Youth Band Festival have, through the years, turned into a highly significant occasion due to:

  • the many months of preparation,
  • the involvement of such a large number of citizens from every walk of life and in any capacity,
  • the participation of so many important music groups from Greece and abroad, and
  • the presence of numerous musicians.
The Festival is a vibrant event, developing and adjusting to new music trends, using music as an international language that unites young musicians of different:
  • nationalities,
  • ideas,
  • experiences,
  • cultural origins, and
  • ways of thinking.

It is an international code of creation and cultural communication that eliminates distances and opens up a broad field of friendship and cooperation.

For the entire duration of this get-together of sounds and young people from around the world, our Municipality will once again be an international hub of culture and creativity.