International Youth Band Festival

“Music Unites Us” generated the launch of the International Youth Band Festival in 1998.True to its fundamental principle, namely cooperation between young people from around the world through music, the Festival continues its long journey.More

22-25 August 2018

The Social Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Delta organizes once again an excellent event this year, the 21st International Youth Band Festival 2018, aspiring to climb even higher on the ladder of the international artistic calendar.More

23-26 August 2017

Large crowds, once again, bid farewell to a great Festival, a unique event, which has not only promoted the talent and interpretive excellence of young musicians, but has also given them the opportunity to develop relations with...More

Sindos Concert Band

The orchestra was founded in 1984 as "Sindos Marching Band" under the direction of Georgios Avramoglou. In 1993 the orchestra renamed Sindos Concert Band. Nowadays is a part of Delta Social Cultural Organization complementing its many and varied activities.In the course of its presence, until this day, it has given performances at major institutions and actively participates to all the musical and cultural events both on a regional and on a wider level.More
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