Saxophone Orchestra of Varied Music Municipality of Chalkida

The saxophone orchestra was founded in January 1997 out of Chalkida’s Orchestra. This is the main institution for all the schemes that have been formed, such as:
  • the Orchestra of Varied Music,
  • the Bandina,
  • the Choir and
  • the Youth Orchestra.
The underlying principal and cause for the formation of the above scemes was the idea that the town philarmonic does not exist only for the covering of religious events or the parades, but may be a source for creativity and expression, for all the young people who wish to contribute to the cultural realm of our town. All the above schemes have been created by the initiative of our lead conductor Petros Prokos having of course the support of the Municipal authorities as well as of all the music loving citizens. The Saxophone Orchestra is a pioneering group which combines all sorts of music. In its repertoire included are both Greek and foreign musical pieces specifically arranged by the conductor for this scheme.
Since its foundation the Saxophone Orchestra of Varied Music of the Chalkida Municipality is been conducted by Petros Prokos.
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