Mladeznicky Dechovy Orchestra Cheb, Czech Republic

The 12 (at the time) membered Youth Wind Orchestra Cheb established in 1958 by the conductor Vaclav Kucera, growing quickly to 60 – 80 members. In the year 1977 Jaroslav Novotny succeeded Mr. Kucera. Led by both conductors, the orchestra gained fame and recognition in Czech republic and abroad, visiting many festivals and competitions, in Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Italy, and Canada.Orchestras’ peak achievements along with it’s majorettes, (led by Mrs. Jaroslava Havlickova since 1991), are: 1999 – Zurich, Switzerland – International Youth Music Festival – 3x 1. Prize (concert competition, marching competition, show competition). 2000 – Calgary, Canada – World Marching Show Band Championship – 1. Prize (show competition). 2001 – Potsdam, Germany – World Marching Show Band Championship – 1. Prize (show competition). 2003 – Monza, Italy – World Championship for Marching Show Bands – 2x 1. Prize (marching competition and show competiton).In the year 2000 was the orchestra accepted to the WAMSB association (World Association of Marching and Show bands).
Since 1994 conductor of the Youth Wind Orchestra Cheb is Jiri Smitek, a graduate of the “Military Conservatory”, and former member or the orchestra.
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