Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Orchomenos

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Orchomenos restablished with new children at the end of summer 1994, under the teaching and guidance of Mr. Georgios Zannas.

All residents of Orchomenos love the Town Band because of the:

  • the hard work,
  • talent,
  • students' love for music,
  • the support provided by the town.

The town band is a living organism. During its three years of constant and intense activity, it has many achievements in its credit as:

  • 120 participation in various festivals in our city and elsewhere.

This year it performs its third concert. It aspires to contend for its presence to Panhellenic contests and festivals in order to promote our city in the best possible way.

It occupies 35 musicians.

At the same time there is an effort with many young students who fill vacancies resulting mainly from older musicians' obsence because of studies.

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