Totkomlos Youth Wind Symphonic Band, Hungary

The 60 membered TOTKOMLOS Youth Wind Symphonic Band, founded in 1969. The combination of the direction’s high quality standards, the hard work of the talented musicians and the beneficial financial assistance (since 1987) from the “Research & Production” branch of the Hungarian Oil Company (MOL), conducted the band to achieve the highest appreciations that a youth band can get by the Cultural Institutions in Hungary (the “International Festival Band” & “The Honourable Artistic Group” ) and to win many national and international youth wind orchestras contests such as:

  • "International Symphonic Band Competition" in Siklos (Hungary) 1992: 3rd, 1994: 2nd and 1996: 1st prize.
  • "Yamaha - Atlantis International Wind Symphonic Band Competition" in Bekescsaba (Hungary), 1993: 3rd, 1994: 1st, 1996: 2nd, 2000: 1st prize.
  • Neerpelt (Belgium), 1995: 1st prize "CUM LAUDE"
  • "International Wind Symphonic Band Competition" in Jastrzebie-Zdroj (Poland), 1995: 1st, 2005: 2nd prize.
  • "International Wind Symphonic Band Competition" in Valencia (Spain), 1996, & 2000: guest band
  • "International Wind Symphonic Band Meeting" in Rety (Romania), 1997 (and several times since then)
  • "International Wind Band Festival" of Purmerend (Holland), 1998, one of the band members, Eva Poljak (clarinet) won the soloist contest, 2002 the jury gave to the band "Excellent Qualification"
  • Neunkirchen (Germany) 1999 awards both from the North-Bayerish Association (URKUNDE) and from the festival’s “Saxoniade” (3rd prize) and in 2008 qualification Hochstufe („mit sehr gutem Erfolg erhalten”)
  • "International Wind Symphonic Band Festival" in Nurnberg (Germany), 2000: 4th place between 16 bands.
  • "International Wind Symphonic Meeting" in Kassa (Slovakia), 2001
  • "International Wind Band Contest" Trencin (Slovakia), 2003: first place "CUM LAUDE" (best award on this festival).
  • "Zenith International Wind Band Contest", 2005, the band got the very best award of the contest.
  • "Golden Lira Festival" Rybnik (Poland), 2009: gold medal.

Conductor of the TOTKOMLOS Youth Wind Symphonic Band, is Janos Krcsmeri.

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