Aarhus Pigegarde Youth Band, Denmark

Aarhus Pigegarde Youth Band started 1955 where the music-man Carl Tchentcher was inspired to start a all-girls marching band in the second-largest city of Denmark – Aarhus in the peninsula of Jutland.Very soon the idea made a lot of girls in the age from 12-18 join the marching band on fluites and drums in the tambour-korps and on klarinets, trompets and so on in the orchestra. This year – 50 year-anniversiry – Aarhus Pigegarde has 45 members in the age of 10 to 20. At the youth band festival 30 girls will perform there very best. The band plays all sorts of march-music and modern music like themes from musicals and films.Aarhus Pigegarde is well-known for their uniform. The late king Frederik the 9. gave his special permission to Aarhus Pigegarde to wear clothes which are a copy of the uniform of the royal guard. Every year the band plays to all kind of events in Denmark and every year the band goes abroad. In 2004 Aarhus Pigegarde went to Orleans in France and to Austria and the Czech Republic.
Aarhus Pigegardes participation in Youth Band Festival in Thessaloniki will be their first appearance ever in Greece.
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