Wood & Brass Band Goleniow, Poland

The Youth Wind Orchestra "Wood & Brass" consisted of forty members, including the six dancers of the "Show Dance Team". The orchestra, founded in 2005 as a part of the "Goleniow House of Culture", despite it’s short history, appeared in more than two hundred fifty public different performances and processions, under the direction of the founder Krzysztof Sypien, graduate of Academy of Music in Gdansk (Poland) and officer of the "House of Culture".

The repertoire extents from entertainment (pop, rock, film music, samba), to processional state and church music. Ten of the orchestra members created "The Big Band Team" playing jazz repertoire. The orchestra’s "Show Dance Team" perform Circus Show, New Style and Break Dance & Beat Box Show too.

The Orchestra took a part in national and international festivals in Poland and in Germany. Lastly created the international project "European Band" (named: "Youth in Action") together with "Skaramanga" – wind band from Germany. In 2008 "Wood & Brass" was participated in The International Wind Orchestras Festival in Lobez where has received The First Award. In 2008 Orchestra took a part in an International Guca Wind Festival "Sabor Trubaca". “Wood & Brass” was there and really anjoyed it. Earlier in 2006 "Wood & Brass" won the third prize during the International Festival in Lobez and it has received statuette of the "Stettin Courier" too. In 2007 Orchestra has received the "Special Award of Mayor of Goleniow City" and was participated to the International Festival in Lobez where has received honorable mention too.

Young "Wood & Brass" Orchestra, is open to cooperation through music, one of the finest arts. Conductor of orchestra is Jan Skros.

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