Drama Philarmonic Orchestra Kalos Agros

Drama Philarmonic Orchestra Kalos Agros
Drama Philarmonic Orchestra Kalos Agros
The Drama Philharmonic Orchestra Kalos Agros was founded in 1979 in the form of a club under the name of “Apollon Music and Drama Club of Kalos Agros”.

In 2001 it became a legal entity governed by public law under the name of Kalos Agros philharmonic orchestra of the municipality
of Drama. In addition to local, national and religious celebrations, the orchestra has taken part in some remarkable events:

  • twice in the Pan-Hellenic and International Festival of Philharmonic Orchestras and Choirs in the hall of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki;
  • it took part in festivals in Chalkidiki, in the Eleftheria festivities in Drama (celebration of the city’s liberation), in the parallel events to the Short Film Festival, in the Oniroupoli events (Christmas theme park) and in the Alistratia festivities.

It has also performed:

  • in the ancient city of Philippi,
  • at the summer events of the Municipality of Lemnos and,
  • of course, the band’s greatest moment was in September 2013 when it was invited by the self-government of the Greeks of Hungary to give a concert in the Greek village of Beloiannisz, and at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, etc.

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 the Kalos Agros Philharmonic Orchestra, in cooperation with the APOLLON Music and Drama Club of Kalos Agros, established a new event in the artistic scene of Drama under the name of “Festival of Philharmonic Orchestras of Drama”, which was a great success among the residents of the wider area.

The Kalos Agros Philharmonic Orchestra, which has merged with the Cultural Organisation for the Drama Short Film Festival, currently has:

  • 57 musicians forming part of the orchestra and
  • 22 children who are in the process of learning a musical instrument.

It is perhaps the largest cultural entity in the region.

Since 1999, Mr Christos Sarigiannis has served as music teacher and principal conductor.