Kyriat Motzkin Conservatory Youth Band, Israel

Kyriat Motzkin Conservatory Youth Band, Israel

Νεανική Ορχήστρα Πνευστών Ωδείου Κιριάτ Μότζκιν, Ισραήλ

The City of Kiryat Motzkin is located in the northern part of Israel, not far from the Port City of Haifa, the third largest city in Israel. It was founded in 1934 and today, its population counts almost 50000 people.

The Kiryat Motzkin Conservatory, which was founded in 1960, with the support of the city’s municipality is one of the most active conservatories in Israel, having more than 600 boys, girls and adults learning and performing in all wings of the music spectrum.

The Conservatory’s Wins Orchestra is one othe oldest in Israel and during its years of operation, has trained hundreds of musicians playing many types of instruments.

THese days, the orchestra counts about 30 musicians, boys and girls, ages 14-18.

The Orchestra’s repertoire includes pieces written by different composers, from the Baroque period to present day music. The orchestra also plays contemporary music and Isreaeli Folk music.

During any giver year, the Orchestra is proud to represent the city and its inhabitants in various ceremonies and conferences, carried out by the Cty of Kiryat Motzkin, by the City of Haifa, the Ministry of Education, in Television shows, etc.

It is not less important to mention that the Orchestra had already participated in the “Mid Europe” Summer Festival taking place in Schladming, Austria.

In 2018, Mr. Jeffrey A. Howard was appointed as a Chief Conductor of the Orchestra.