Young Musicians Without Borders

Young Musicians Without Borders

Young Musicians Without Borders

The Orchestra‚ “Young Musicians Without Borders” was created in May, 2014. It was an idea which was inspired by the head of the Public Relations and Media, Mrs Kortessa Keramari in order for young musicians to find shelter and broaden their musical horizons.

The orchestra is composed of 25 members, aged between 12 to 25 years old. The purpose of the orchestra is to give to young people the chance to cultivate and develop their musical abilities and talents through cooperative work.

Another point worth mentioning is that none of us is paid We work voluntarily for this purpose out of love for music and our need to help other people.

The children who are members in our orchestra come from different parts of Greece and they come to Thessaloniki, where our basis is located, by even paying their own transportation.

The Orchestra conducts concerts for charitable purposes and the children, through their music, give their own social message. The Orchestra is directed by the conductor, Miss Eleni Paggoura, 23, who participated in the International Festival of Sindos Band Orchestra as a member of Veroias Band. Andreas Tsimpanogiannis is in charge of the instrumentation of the songs.

Since September, 2014, to the present day, there have been many charitable concerts:

  • In the yard of the Cathedral of Agios Eleftherios.
  • At the cultural centre of the Municipality of Farsala.
  • In the Aristotelian Theatre.
  • For the Society of “Amimoni”.
  • At the municipal theatre of Sohos.
  • At Hyatt Hotel.