Vivat Youth Brass Band, Poland

Vivat Youth Brass Band, Poland

Vivat Youth Brass Band, Poland

Vivat orchestra! means tradition and history which started in 1928. It is also freshness and enthusiasm of young people who create the music team. Currently, the band consists of 60 people – musicians and dancer whose average age does not exceed sixteen years.

The orchestra plays music of different character. It performs concerts both in Poland and abroad – from the international festivals of Brass Bands e.g. in:

  • Denmark,
  • Germany,
  • Sweden,
  • Italy and
  • Lithuania

Through the concerts and marches in the cities of:

  • France,
  • Russia,
  • Bulgaria etc.

A specific display of music and dance skills of our Musicians and Dancing group are ceremonial street marches which are always warmly received by audience in different countries.

The advantage of the orchestra – in addition to the youthful enthusiasm and attractive repertoire are the beautiful costumes referring to the history of Poland and the tradition of Polish noblemen. Excellent sound, interesting program and high level of skills of the band provide to the audience the unforgettable artistic experience. The Orchestra performs with Dancing group which appears in the costumes matching the nature of dances such as cancan, gypsy dance, polonaise, Copacabana. The distinctive elements of the group are traditional old – Polish costumes and knights swords.

Conductor of the orchestra is Robert Morkis.